Ethics Score

Now that it is “official”…where did everyone land for ethics?? I was >70, shockingly. Makes me wonder if our score matrix reflects some sort of curve? Of all topics, for 36 points this indicates I was most consistant here. Not sure how I feel about that…

To my own surprise, I scored >70 as well. Never had the feeling I completely bombed it, though…

I got >70% in Ethics as well, much to my surprise.

50-70 ethics, which is about how I felt about it when I took the exam.

>70%. Did not expect that at all. I felt like there were two possible answers to half those questions.

>70% was hard as hell but guess I got lucky… again. Pulled me through on both level 2.and level 3 but i’ll take it!


50-70 for me … which is what i thought or was hoping for (was bit confused with loot of the questions, which is much differntly i felt when i took it in 2013). Back then got >70 on ethics but failed with band 7. This time passed- overall scored much better on PM

<50 for me with a pass

bombed ethics (50

the only <70% section in PM, similar to level 1 and 2