Ethics Self-Test - CFAI Haven’t taken it yet but you can never go wrong with additional ethics questions, esp if the are CFAI administered and are FREE!! Good Luck for all June test takers!!

I received a score of 90%- there are actually 49 MCQ’s but doesn’t show which questions you answered incorrectly. Anyone encounter this or take this exam?

This is quite simply brilliant. Thanks man!! I’ll let you know about the issue once I take it… Probably in 10 days or so.

I retook the exam and scored 90% again!!! WTF…lol…I wonder if we are responsible or need to know the additional info for the readings below. Also, below is the Jan 2010 GIPS . Are we responsible to know this? Or is it already incorporated in the 2010 CFAI Level 1 curriculum?

Ok, just read on the errata, the new GIPS standards will not be tested in 2010 and will be effective for 2011 exams. "Candidates for the 2010 exam (both June and December) will be tested on the GIPS standards that appear in the 2010 curriculum. The revised GIPS do not take effect until 1 January 2011. For your convenience, the current Global Investment Performance Standards, including the GIPS Glossary, can be found at:"