Ethics Standard IB

Robert Miguel, CFA, is a portfolio manager. On Saturday, one of his clients invited Miguel and his wife to be his guests at his luxury suite for a major league baseball playoff game, which they did. Miguel told his supervisor on Monday that they had attended the game with the client and that the suite was luxurious. Miguel has:

  1. not violated the Standards.
  2. violated the Standards because disclosure must be in writing.
  3. violated the Standards because he must disclose the gift prior to accepting.

Answer says not violated
So is it that in case when there is short notice notification afterwards is permitted, that too verbally?

Standard I(B) Independence and Objectivity

under Guidance, it says
`When possible, prior to accepting “bonuses” or gifts from clients, members and candidates should disclose to their employers such benefits offered by clients. If notification is not possible prior to acceptance, members and candidates must disclose to their employer benefits previously accepted from clients. ’

There is an Example in the Standard that tells you a little more.
Example 8 (Gifts and Entertainment from Clients)

so it’s not necessary to inform in writting?