Ethics Standards of Practice


Does anyone know if we need to memorize the ordering of the Standards of Professional Conduct? For example, do we need to know Standards (III)C is “Suitability”?


For me, it certainly helped. I also didn’t make too much effort to do this. As I read through ethics and started a new standard, I would quickly recap the list of the standards I already covered (this way I repeated the list several times by the end). Maybe a similar approach will be useful for you.

Thanks for your response, but actually I mean on the test, would we need to know what each section number stand for?

For example, would answer choices be the following:

a) (III)C Suitability

b) (VI)C Referral Fees

c) (V)C Record Retention

Or is there a chance answer choices might be the following:

a) (III)C

b) (VI)C

c) (V)C

I started memorizing what each section number stand for, but it is quite time consuming.


Highly doubtful that you would need to memorize what each section number stands for.

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The answers and the questions mention what standard you are analysing with names included, so you will need to remember what the standard means, not its letters and names.

You do not need to know the numbers of the standards; the titles of each standard will be included in the answer choices.

Just want to clarify-- I didn’t say it was needed or not, but it’s something that helped me (and required very little effort). In my mind, I was able to recall the progression of the standards and certain examples, and having the exact list in my head helped with that recollection… Kind of like I could see the standard name and number, and I remembered that X came before Y, in the curriculum.

After reading the standards, though, answering questions was pretty straight forward-- with or without the number and letters memorized.

In many questions there will be an option to choose which Standard(s) (if any) was(were) violated. So you would have to know the content of the Standard if prompted.

These will be the most difficult ones, because you know a standard has been violated a standard, but not exactly which one. And then you start doubting.