Ethics Start Date

Once again my study approach will leave Ethics till last. When will you guys expect to start ethics and how many days/hours will you allocated to it?

If you only use schweser, it should not take more than 3 days (assuming studies with job). So I feel we should normally cover it once, and do thoroughly just before exam. And since we did ethics in L-1 and L-2, it should not be a problem, except Asset manager’s code.

Ethics cases from curriculum are awful. I wouldn’t underestimate ethics. I scored >70 in L1 and L2 but slightly more than 50% on cases in the end of book 1. I hate L3 ethics and ambiguous questions they use. And i think we should expect the worst on exam day. So i will read it at least one more time.

Since I had two very long flights in the last few weeks I decided it would be good opportunity to read ethics. As mentioned, much of it is review, and I basically have made ethics my b*tch on all past practice and real exams, but I found some of those cases really difficult. If the CFA were to ever give an essay question on these… look out. That said, I’ll probably give it a couple of days review in early May, depending on how I do on practice exams.

Ethics at L3 is not to be overlooked. It is a big part of the exam and I thought it was VERY grey.

I’m doing Ethics right now (from CFAI texts). In all, it will probably take me 5-6 days of studying.

thanks for your thoughts guys