Ethics study methods

How do you AF’s study this thing? I am not confident about it. My exam scores for this section range from 40 to 90? I need to get a grip on it quickly. Thanks in advance

Your best bet is check the examples on the downloadable “Standard Practice Handbook 9th edition”. It is lengthy but Sch. guys say repeated problems come for 1 thing and it is with a good weight. I intend to divide it. Good thing they do not ask which number are which standard… Hope that helps…on another note i talked to a friend who did this exam more than once and he said he never failed ethics-I was relieved on my part:)

My scores are all over the place, too. On the morning section of the first Schweser mock, I only missed 1 Ethics question, but in the PM section, I missed 6. I plan to look over the CFAI Ethics text a third time the week of the exam, and just keep doing practice questions, over and over.

it sounds like cramming the questions. I am sure once we are out of the exam it will evaporate