Ethics Study Session 2

How have you attacked this study session? Reading the CFAI material instead of Schweser like the main Code of Standard reading?

Is the main focus on the Asset Manager Code or are the other readings likely to crop up on the exam?

Asset manager code looks pretty likely in my opinion. Better learn that!!

What is it exactly? It’s just a bunch of case studies isn’t it.

The gist of this section appears to be: disclose s***, don’t F over clients, disclose more.

I started reading the CFAI text yesterday, preamble seems to go on for about 40 pages, I think I’ll just flick to the Asset Manager Code and scan a few of the cases then do the questions.

Yea - wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the two item sets to be basically entirely about it. It’s new to the curriculum this year right?

Its not new to this year mate, it was there last year as well. From personal experience telling you, please dont take it lightly.

I was band 10 last year and most likely reason for that is because I took it light last year. Sorry, not to scare you, but you can expect an item set on that separately.

Good luck.