Ethics sucks

I just took the 3 vignettes at the end of the ethics section of schweser and didn’t do so hot. What the heck are you guys doing for ethics? I think I might just give up on it now as I am running out of time and need to prioritize. I also think I am not adapting to the vignette style very well (or haven’t yet). I guess my only course of action there is more practice.

mwvt, Ethics can be hard. I’m sticking to the basics (the standards) and trying to remember a few things about soft dollar and research objectivity.

That is basically what I was doing too. I went through a bunch of individual questions and was killing it…then I went through the vignettes and didn’t kill it. :frowning:

are you guys spending much time on the standards? I’m only focusing on the new stuff. Did the questions last year have level 1 material?

Not sure I understand your question Zombie

I have been through Ethics today and much of the material (or core knowledge required) seems to be a repeat of Lvl I with a couple of small new topics thrown in. The only real difference is the long vignettes will make it tougher to extract the relevant info. My biggest concern in Ethics is those really ambiguous scenarios where you can see two very acceptable answer choices and it comes down to the REALLY obscure detail…you look up the correct answer and it’s not A, B, C or D but GOTCHA!!!

Get your Ethics down pat. This is what could ultimately pass you if you’re teetering on everything else…

I am not sure I am even teetering yet… I’m trying…I’m trying…

Sorry I guess that wasn’t very clear. On the level 2 exam last year, did the ethics questions cover things other than the new material (ROS, soft dollars, new prudent investor)? ie. did they ask Level 1 ethics questions on the level 2 exam? I’m debating if I should review all the nuances and tricky concepts from level 1 ethics.

Secret Sauce recommends devoting 80-85% of time to the standards (Level I material).

Great, more stuff to look over. I would think just the opposite.