Ethics violation or not

Any feelings on CFAI would like the answer to be which way?

This must be the most vague CFAI question yet. They didn’t even ask us anything!

I think the question is asking if CFAI tend to tilt in you knowing the violations or what is not a violation. If so, I think CFAI are more into violations but occasionally like to screww you up with No Violation committed for an answer. That being said, the big picture is CFAI wants you to not do these unethical things in practice so most are violations oriented.

I think there will be always no violations, but not sure if the proportion is less than 0.5… :slight_smile:

On a similar note, if the question has a random analyst talking about crap and it asks “is that person correct” and the answer you think is false … then on the next question, when the analyst makes more statements, is he more likely to be wrong or right (given that he was false for his first statement) ?

when i first saw this thread, i thought the person was asking if having any negative feelings towards the cfa was a violation or not… If it was, i am sure we all would have violated…

cfa is making me violate loyalty to employer. because i study at work instead of working at work.

same here

just to clarilfy: Nep-hi is understaning my question :slight_smile: More thougts are welcome…

hard to say … with schweser, sometimes its really borderline violations. cant even tell. on the cfa samples and mocks, it was more obvious i felt, but a couple of the cfa ones were borderline too. i’m reading thru the standards and practice handbook at work (184 page pdf, legally free on easy to read at work … looks like ur working :stuck_out_tongue: but it has a lot of examples from cfaI about ethics, so maybe worth a skim read.

If the question was nominated to be one out of the 120 from a pool of million other probably questions, hecks YEA! It has to be a violation.