Ethics was trickier than on any of the Mocks or Samples

On both part I and part II, I’d say 13 out of the 18 questions were straightforward. But a good 4 or 5 were definitely more ambigious than we’ve seen before. Agreed? Would specify questions, but not sure if we can do that? Can we talk about specific questions?

According to the sticky topic, no we can.t


Ok well in that case, without b eing specific, part II was a bi*tch. However, in total, I think we should all be grateful to Schweser. I think there were 1-2 questions on Part I on topics we didn’t see in the Schweser notes, and maybe 2-3 max on Part II. That’s not bad at all. In my opinion, Schweser did a good job. By we of course I am of course referring to those people who did use Schweser.

I dunno, I thought the afternoon session had a few sneaky questions that I don’t remember ever seeing in schweser. I was pretty pissed off, actually.

I never expected Schweser to be 100%

I think i bombed ethics, but I think i’ll still pass

Schweser and Stalla were both more than adequate in prepping for this specific exam IMO.

Ethics was definitely trickier than I expected! I already know I got 1 of the GIPS questions wrong, but I’m still feeling pretty good overall.