Is it worth doing Ethics Qbank?.. It will probably take me, 6-8hrs to do and I may only get an extra 1-2 points. Just thinking if my time is better spent elsewhere…

do not touch the Qbank. do EVERY question at the end of the Ethics section in the CFAI book… there are about 60-70. some straight easy MC questions, and a few item sets. do those 2-3 times and you’ll be set. Ethics, more than any other section, you need to get in the mind of the CFAI and how they ask tricky questions… Schweser simply will not give you that edge.

Do Ethics EOC questions at least twice… All of them and do practice questions from previous mocks (PM papers)

Pokhim, dont look at doing it 6-8 hours at once, its a waste.

The best way to tackle Ethics is to do 10 questions a day till exam day - make short notes on the same. 15 minutes a day is more than sufficient. You would have easily covered majority of the questions you have and the notes are your mates the day before the exam.

* This is the same way I prepared GIPS as well.

Ethics EOC three times. That’s my plan.