So this question has been asked in various forms but I am interested to know with the current L2 takers for June what your approach has been for Ethics this year. We all already know that CFA books are lumbersome but the best route. However I am interested to know how others are approaching this section. Schwes or official text? I am concerned with 53 days left that my reading time is used as efficiently as possible.

Rex. Woof woof.

I am going to read the CFA Ethics text before Friday and then complete all Schweser Q-Bank Ethics questions over the remaining time.

I think the best way to learn is by completing practice questions and learning where the tricks are.

What is the study Session 2 on application of case studies? Is this examinable in that we need to know these cases or this more supplementery material?

Ethics seems exactly the same as L1. I started re-reading the Standards but time is much better used practicing vignette style questions.

You will need to commit a lot of the ROS to memory.

official corriculum

From curriculum here.

Understimated ROS, need to re-read that. Also recommend to read the cases (Glenarm Company, etc).