Mary, your 50-something Lindsay Lohan look alike (but imagine Linday at 50) neighbor is spending her evenings and nights screaming and cursing over the phone, all windows open. She chose the ex-dividend date of the company X, which is June 4th 2008, to increase the volume of her voice following a MA(2) model. In order to remain in Compliance with the Code of Ethics, which of the following would not be a violation of any Standard: A) going down and hit her hard with Book 4 of the CFA Institute, and don’t stop unless she starts reciting the 5 Porter Forces in Greek B) use Book 1 instead of Book 4, as Ethics is embedded in this manual C) ask her nicely to keep the volume low, adding that otherwise I will have to contact my Compliance officer, the SEC, an outside legal advisor, and Lindsay Lohan D) Molodovsky Thanks for your inputs, I need to go back to FSA now

I like turtles.