Hey Guys!! Ethics made me crazy, I tried to go through several Ethics questions… I thought that by time and tough practice, I can be sure to average 85% of Ethics questions… But, unfortunately, I’m keeping doing mistakes:( Some situations are unpredictable, all the responses seem to me right… or very similar… I am afraid of scoring less than 70% on Ethics in the Exam, especially that the Ethics Section decides whether to pass the exam or not if we are 1 or 2 % below 70% as an average score… Any advice guys? Telling teh truth, I think the solution is keeping going though Etics Questions, but I am wondering if it is still benefic… Thanks!! Malek.

Read the Ethics handbook twice. It’ll ensure you score >70.

I kept my Handbook in my bathroom during studying season.

I went through GIPS through Schweser Q-bank and MP3 twice. And I am doing 99% right on GIPS now. no comment on other parts. I am struggling on Ethics, too. BTW, keeping one handbook in bathroom does NOT work for me. hehe. No offense, WS.

Where did you guys get your handbooks? Did you print it out from the version that’s online? I assumed then I signed up for L1 Dec 2007, I would get at least something in the mail from CFAi, but I never received anything from them via mail, only email confirmation of my registration. Was I supposed to?

What has worked for me is if I get the question wrong, I immediately jump to the particular section of the handbook then it looks crystal clear and when similar question comes it remind me of my previous mistakes.

Even though I often hear this referred to as a separate “Handbook” we’re talking about the content of pages 5-120 of Volume 1 of the CFAI Curriculum, right???