Tony Calaveccio, CFA, is the manager of the TrustCo Small Cap Venture Fund in Toronto. He places trades for the fund with Worldwide Brokerage. Worldwide is holding a conference in Amsterdam and has offered to pay for Calaveccio’s airfare, meals, and accommodations associated with his attendance of the conference. The conference concerns European small cap securities and the EASDAQ. He decides that he will accept their offer and attend the conference. In order to comply with the Code and Standards, he: A) may simply attend. Since the conference is directly related to his professional responsibilities, no further notification or permission is required. B) may attend, but he must disclose the arrangement to his employer as a gift. C) may attend, but he must disclose the arrangement to TrustCo’s clients and prospects as required under Standard IV.B. D) should not attend unless he pays for the trip himself.

Good old Tony, always on some overseas jaunt. Pops up in at least 2 out of every 5 Schweser ethics questions. D,519039,519039#msg-519039,529905,529905#msg-529905 Sorry already answered.