Ethics ?

Joe Schmoe is a CFA level 2 candidate. He works full time at a job he absolutely loves (just saying that in case someone looks over Joe’s shoulder). Joe is working on L2 questions at work every chance he has – and doesn’t feel bad about it. He also screens his calls while he is studying. He skipped a monthly, formal company wide meeting (3 hours) this morning to work on client related priorties (aka CFA L2 questions). Is Joe violating the CFA Code & Standards? If so, what should be the punishment? If it is a violation and you are aware of the activities, what should you do? (Disclosure: I’m not Joe, I’m just askin’)

He is. He is violationg loyalty against his employer. Punishment depends on company’s policy. His manager may not get him promotion/raise but in extreme may fire him. I would do nothing. Let that kid study. I understand what it takes to pass this exam. I would ask him to come for that meeting if necessary.

If my name was Joe Schmoe, I would feel pretty bad. Anyway, I will get back to work. I have some phone calls to return.

Mr. Schmoe is not alone in this world… I’ve been doing that for a couple of weeks now… schweser qbank is alway open on my computer…

I’ve been studying so much the last week, I needed to lighten up – just a little dry humor in the question. Joe’s taking tomorrow off, so he won’t be breaking any rules.

violate - loyalty to employer…