All, Was hoping for some advice… I’ve read through the CFAI ethics section - no issues there. Done the Schweser ethics questions - again, no probs. Then, I do the CFAI exams and ethics absolutely KILLS me!!! Any idea on how best to prepare for this section??? Am very worried… do also the self test.

Champ. Thanks

very helpful mate

you welcome guys. we’re all sitting in the same boat.

barthezz - is this self test for candidates or members?

well, I’m a L1 candidate - so if you have a CFA account number then you can access them


just did it… got 80%. not too bad i guess… still got a long way to go. its sooooo subjective!!

wohoo just got 90% on this

Good job Lola, I got an 86%. My strategy is that I see every possible ethics question before the exam, hopefully that will work out…

got 84%… we cant see the explanations for the wrong answers though :frowning:

looks like im at the low end here…but i’ll take a 78% if it implies that I’ll get a 78% on the actually exam… :slight_smile: