Exactly the same as level I? I thought it would build on it, not be verbatim.

ethics is the same but study session 2 delves deeper…hey, CFA is throwing us a bone so dont complain! imagine having to learn an entire NEW ethics session… …yes, I started my review today.

^^ retaker?

Not complaining. First 100 pages are text I should know already so it was a nice surprise.

No, first time Level II candidate…but I’ve tasted success (all >70% L1 June 2009) and failure (Band 10 December 2008) and success tastes MUCH SWEETER. I KNOW if I had an extra month I would have passed L1 the first time. I can’t handle failing again, so I’m starting early to better my chances at a pass…also my bday is august 17th and we get L2 results august 17th so how miserable would it be to fail on my bday…

Ethics is not completely the same

^ Kindly elaborate.

They are probably going to test more on finer points in L2. And I was thinking L1 ethics questions were tricky enough. Also, the vignette idea is driving me crazy too. If you dont spend enough time in reading the big text, chances are you could get all 6 answers wrong. While reading that big text, you will have to retain names, e.g. who is who’s boss, which company is client, which is the employer and so on … there will be lot of these names in one page full of that text … I am scared of the idea of being tested on comprehension and paragraph retention rather than concepts. I guess I will have to take lot more exam like practice questions than i did for L1. Edit: can someone who has gone thru L2 before give out their experience with this. Or is it not that big a deal as I am making it out to be?

Ethics is much trickier for LII than LI.

Also, don’t they include the soft dollar standards and research objectivity standards in Level II? I honestly can’t recall even reading that in L I.

zizoubleu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ethics is much trickier for LII than LI. M-O-N-E but why?