After taking the Schweser mock, as many others stated, the ethics portion was pretty difficult (I think that I missed half of the questions). However, also like many others have mentioned, I previously considered this one of my stronger points. I worked the CFAI EOC questions for the first time a couple of weeks ago and probably got 95% of them correct. For any retakers, how would you compare the ethics questions in the book to the actual exam? Are they representative or overly simplified? I thought the CFAI questions were pretty straight forward, but they didn’t really nail you for “recommended” vs. “required” and the details like that…Thanks

I think CFAI will go all out on ethics, better leave no stone unturned.

Yeah, I thought that I was…the soft dollar standards have been my main weak area…funny how something that from a high level view can seem so simple yet be so twisted on paper…

freakingout is right. Last year, they went all out on ethics. If I remember, there were multiple debates as to what the correct answers were.