Mr A., an analyst covering Big co. has been invited by Big to a meeting with its management at a seminar to be held at a resort. Big will provide meals and accomodation. Accepting of meals and accomodation will be considered a voilation? Meals Lodging a. No Yes b. No NO c. Yes No


where is this question pulled from? its awful. there’s really not enough information to decide, but if i had to choose i’d say A.

I’d probably say B, but I don’t know. What’s the answer?

Def not enough info 2 answer this question. Are the meals at a 5 star restaurant where dinner is 150 a plate? Are they off to some far away island and the only available place to stay is at an affordable motel?

Its from Stalla, there was no further information but there answer was A they said because lodging is at a resort so its lavish but there is no indication that meals were lavish. but my problem was that i thought analyst are supposed to cover their own meals .

If you read the CFAI book it says that it depends on the situation

There is not enough evidence to determine if objectivity is impaired. The answer is either both impair objectivity or neither. I would say both would be unacceptable but since it is not an answer choice… have to go with “B”.