Looking for some assistance regarding strategies to deal with the Ethics section. I failed Level II last year and scored in the lowest band. My frustration level is high with respect to some of these questions. A good example is Reading 10, Question 10. I know that the new prudent investor rule allows for flexibility as it relates to investment selection. Allowable investment could be speculative or non-income producing. Real estate, hedge funds, private equity, structured product…I get it. But this question says “no investments and/or techniques are necessarily considered imprudent”. I answered the question thinking that the “trick” of the question the wording of the question. Does this mean that fiduciaries can make predatory loans or invest in enterprises which engage in illegal activity? I noticed that “necessarily” was included in the question and I suppose that is the tip off that “no investments are imprudent per se”. In my opinion, this question needs to be softened up (maybe some examples of speculative or non-income producing investments). Does anyone out there have advice related to dealing with the Ethics section and improving performance on these type of questions that I suppose are deliberately misleading? thanks