I find ethics readings to be similar to Level 1, I read some 40 pages from CFAI texts. Is it the same for the most portion, if so why do we have them again in L2.

from what i hear, soft dollar standards get hit hard

Because the CFAI wants to ingrain these concepts in your head. You will see ethics again on L3.

I think they are trying to stress that ethics don’t change depending on your level. If you mastered ethics in level 1 then the exam is that much easier

I got some 80%+ in Ethics in L1, does this mean I can take it a little easy, I would only give some practice exams and learn the missing.

It is the same as Level I, although without GIPS (if I remember). But they add some additional stuff in additional lessons (soft dollar, etc…) The bulk is the exact same.

Although, most of the topics are similar, L2 questions are more challenging than L1. Thus, don’t gauge against the L1 scores, as it is not the best indicator for L2 ethics.