I’ve been scoring between 60-65% regularly on the ethics section. both on the sample exam papers and the Qbank. I just wanted to know if 70% in ethics is fine or do i need to aim for 80% or so.

Also i wanted to know if the examiners use this trick to confuse candidates by having the correct answer either A, B, C, for 4-5 questions in a row. Like for example 5 questions in a row have the correct answer as BBBBB. do they do this on purpose so a candidate thinks twice? I know a silly question but thought i:ll just ask.

Thank You!

I think it really depends on how your other scores are looking doesn’t it. I’d be happy with scoring >=70% on practice exams. What would worry me more would be inconsistencies in your scores. Before reading the ethics section out of the CFAI material, my ethics scores were all over the place (55% sometime, then 90% others). After I read the CFAI material, my scores levelled out. On the exam though, it was 1 of only 2 sections I got 50-70%.

Sorry for the not so helpful advice. What I would recommend is for you to read CFAI for ethics if you haven’t, and then just do lots of practice problems from the CFAI text or QBank or practice exams.

I wouldn’t try and think too much about the BBBB stuff. I noticed it as well in the CFAI texts. Just go with the answer you feel is right even if it’s the 4th B answer in a row.

I believe the study notes are enough. All you need to do is: 1. Read very carefully and never skip any word! 2. Read attentively the examples and their answers. 3. Practice a lot from the Qbank " intermediate and hard only". 4. Read your answers solutions carefully. About the BBBB stuff… Well s**t happens my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

70% should be fine. I generally feel that 70% and above should allow you to comfortably pass (assuming you get 70% and above in every section). You start hitting diminishing marginal returns on your studying after 70% so I would suggest you start working on other sections.