I pulled the 40/60/80 posted scores from the Level II results the last two years last summer. Ethics stood out as an interesting topic b/c the scores weren’t good (those that cleared Level II averaged 63.8% and bands 9 & 10 were 50.8% in Ethics).

Some of the comments I’ve read on this board suggest that the Ethics material is basically the same as Level I with just a couple new items. So why the low estimated scores? People don’t seem to feel that challenged by it. I have not yet embarked on the topic, but are scores in this topic so low because (a) people underestimate it b/c there isn’t much new material or (b) is this topic just that more difficult at Level II (lots of trickiness)? Perhaps both?

thats a good question, i’d like some input on it as well

maybe its the item set format that makes it more difficult?