I haven’t read Ethics at all and I don’t feel like reading (especially CFAI material is too lengthy read)

I feel like just doing practice questions and mocks should more then enough prepare me.

any suggestions?

any important chapters that HAVE to read? I started reading chapter 2 and it feels like a lot of things are just common sense.

Thanks for any advise.

U can probably skip Level I material of Ethics included in LEvel II …

but u must do Research Objectivity, Soft Dollar Arrangement and Prudent Man Rule chapters …schweser notes on these are very concise and will not take more then 1.5 hour… even doing text book wont hurt … as there is not a lot of reading to do …

You can skip level I material and solve the end of chapter problems in the curriculum book. There are 3-4 good item sets avialable in the book.

The newly added material is very important. You must do that from the curriculum book. Schweser has not explained that really well. Research Objectivity, Soft Dollar Arrangement and Prudent Man Rule are very very important. And the good thing is that they will take not more than 5-6 hours (including practice questions) from the curriculum book.

Thanks, Can you confirm that reading 3 onwards is the new material?

I will do the EOC from reading 2 and see how am I doing…

Thanks for your help.

Reading 3,4,8,9 and 10 should be done from the curriculum book. Reading 8 and 9 are very small. Reading 3 and 4 are very important. Exhibits in reading 3 are also very important.

Thank you very much!

yes from reading 3 onwards it is the new addition