In level 2 there was some repetation of Ethics reading from level 1

Is any of Ethics reading at level 3 repetation of level 2?

Yes, pretty much all of it. the only section from the top of my headed that is added is the section specifically for managers.

Even the case studies?

Can I just read the material I used and highlighted in previous level?

We’ve come this far, don’t be lazy and skim 15% of the material.

The primary difference between Ethics at Level III and at Levels I and II is that at Level III they’re not asking whether there’s a violation; they’re asking what you’re going to do about it (to redress it, to prevent it, to punish the violators, and so on).

Thank you!!

Taken the point! thanks!

Is Ethics tested in both the morning and afternoon sessions for L3, i.e will the Ethics be tested as contructed answers/itemsets or both?

I’ve never seen it in the morning.