"Ethnics" part - do we need to learn by heart?

Hi everybody, In my schedule, today I will finish reading the “ethnics” part. Though I have outlined the 6 major components of Code of Ethnics as well as the 7 Standards of Professional Conduct on a tree-like summary. My question is: do we need to remember them, (learn by heart) or do we just understand the stuff only? Thanks for reading my post,

I think it would be helpful to first note that you are trying to learn about ethics, rather than minority groups.

That was an unhelpful comment, NoSurrender. Yes, Stonecold, you need to learn the “Code of Ethics” by heart and you need also to understand it fully.

Thanks wawa. Yes, actually I made a tree-like diagram using the “MindManager” software so that all the 7 Standards with their corresponding minority groups are always available at my glance. Think this will help me remember them better. I have finished reading the required readings on ethnics yesterday and started doing some self-test; the result is a 50/50 right versus wrong! How bad I was. But at least I knew something more that I should and should not do in my current job.

Why are you consistently referring to Ethics as Ethnics? Ethics is completely a “non-racial” subject in the CFA exam. Is it just a typo, or something else? CP

I think it is the ‘language’ thingy for this guy…


Okay. In Stonecolds second post the following terms/items appear: Ethnics minority groups tree hung Am I the only one seeing a problem here?


Although i haven’t read through all ethics part but I will let him pass and some of you above fail because of some reasons as following: 1) He is not native speaker but he has tried best to get something internationally like CFA cert to qualify himself in job/career. He joined this forum for learning purposes–> He acted with integrity, diligence, respect with all members in this forum 2) He posted wrong term “ethnics” the second time even everyone typed “ethics” --> He exercise independent professional judgment when conducting CFA study. He maintained and improved his pro competence. 3) He posted and followed up with thank you reply --> He acted with ethical manner with all members here So on and so forth. It is really a serious problem if an F.Analyst get mistake of 10.000 usd with 10,000 usd (Some nations use “.” in term of “,”) but I was wondering if ethics regulated something related to dictation mistake or not? I myself sometimes don’t understand why English said “The one-hand man sells the second-hand all his life” @super I: “Hung” is his name, it is a noun not a verb and it is placed at the end of an email, right? You should guess what it is. P/S: i am said something wrong in English?

Have i said something wrong in English grammar?

Yes. But don’t worry about it, the test is MC!

WOW! Pretty much all I can say. Hung, From previous postings I’ve read the consensus was to memorize and understand the ethics sections. It a significant chunk of the exam. Good Luck!

Dear friends, Have not got time to check my post and today … wow, I have been very careless with English. :slight_smile: Yes, I am non-native speaker and my name is “Hung”. Will try to remember and avoid mis-spelling ethics again. Thanks, – Hưng PS. @Thu Thuy, I owe you a big thanks :smiley:

Hung - I think we were having a bit of fun at your expense. Things are a little slow on the boards this time of year, and seeing the typo “ethnics” twice in the first post (title, body of post) was a chance for us to jump on you. Keep posting questions as you have them, don’t worry too much about typos, use the search function when you have general questions since many of these have been asked before, etc., and you’ll be fine.

Thanks Super I. I got your meanings correct from first time so don’t worry. I have loads of work to be done here so I myself is experiencing some stress :smiley:

Thanks njblain very much. As I am new on this forum, I have been quite slow on replying to posts like this. However, I like the posting speed of this forum, not too many posts, mostly spams like in other ordinary forums. Njblain, I have read your comments on the post “Misbehaviour charges…” and I reckon you are a professional tutor?

WOW WOW !!! So my guess is correct :-)) How pleased I am to get to know you. Thanks for the revelation.