EURO 08 vs CFA L2

I decided screw CFA L2, it comes every year…EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP comes every 4 years so I am going to hit the bar and watch the opening ceremony of Euro 2008 instead of CFA L2.

Drink up, theres always tomorrow. Just hit uefa euro200 homepage and the have a countdown clock working… 10 days 13 hrs…etc Got my mind thinking where and what state of mind I will be in at that time.

Can’t wait, baby! June is gonna be a great month…well, starting after the 7th!

On Sunday I plan on nursing my hangover caused by late night partying at my favorite Chicago pub, Fados! If anyone in Chicago cares to join me in a celebratory pint of Guiness I will be the 6ft '3in unshaven male with a scruffy grownout hairdo.

I just hope Romania does not get hammered against, France, Italy and Netherlands… :slight_smile: Who’s your favorite???

My fav. is Holland (Netherland) but Romania is a strong contender…They beat Netherlands in their qualifying group 1-0 and tied 0-0 on the two legs…I think that group will be the one to watch closely… My top picks to win it this year: 1. France 2. Spain 3. Italy 4. Germany

Romania or Italy actually! My wife is Romanian so I have to represent. Unfortunatly they are up against the two World Cup finalists but I am at least hoping they can beat Holland!

Go Oranje! (Sorry AFJ…)

lol, junkie. romanian woman are great when it comes to ruling… be aware!

af junkie then you represent me too!

I would have disagree and say the Polish Women have won that title many times over…

Ce face Florin! Sinteti in Romania sau in State?

Canada LOL

Bafta la exam! cunosc un tip care o sa da exam in Bucurest. Cred ca numa 15 persoane are CFA acolo…hehehe

ultima data erau 80 de CFA icharterholders n romania cred ca doar recent se dau examene acolo sorry guys

thats cool. I tried checking the Romania CFA site but it didnt give much info. Its interesting to watch the Financial industry evolve in an emerging market. From what I could see and from what I hear there isnt much, if any Investment banking activity in the capital but i’m sure it will change in the next 5-10 years.

well in any emerging markets there are a lot of growth opportunities

hey stay on topic here people, EURO 2008 not Finance and Economics…not like we are on an analyst webstie or anything…come on now…

you are absolutly right N.VanCandidate. I am so looking forward to boozing at 11am on a sunday in a dark pub.

yes I’ll be chearing for my team romania with some brews by my side one thing is sure… there’s gonna be some good games