Europe Country Jumping

Can you jump in and out of Europe every six months or after you do this X amount of times is it illegal? Also it seems like now the way they stamp passports it would have to be in and out of the EU.

Well, I think that depends on what you’re doing. If you’re illegally working on aa tourist visa, that’s probably bad news. How you’re supporting yourself when you’re traveling your entire life better be a question you’ve got a good answer for. Your better bet to claim to be Syrian and hike it to Germany.

Some people would be back and forth over the Atlantic on a weekly basis nearly. Major air link between NYC and London for example. Why do you think there would be a restriction on travel more than once every six months?

^ Those people have work visas. I’m pretty sure the six month stay limit is on a tourist visa, it is here anyway.

just working remotely

So you go to Europe regularly for vacation and work remotely from there to allow you stay a bit longer? That is, you’re not working on something that requires you to be in Europe?

no i can work anywhere, but it is better to be out of the US right now for my industry

What Geo said.

A lot of ‘backpackers’ do visa runs like this regularly but I suppose beyond a point you’re going to get flagged. I think I remember you saying you was Aussie somewhere, I’m pretty sure they have a treaty with the UK enabling them to get a working holiday visa that lasts for a year.

Lol but then he’d get kicked by stupid right-wing Europeans on the way and get food thrown at him from outside a cage.

In all seriousness though, credit has to be given to the Germans for the handling of this situation. In a time where the Right is making inroads (admittedly small) in traditional bastions of the Left like Sweden, when Cameron is using toxic language that has no grounding in reality and foolish White guys (who forget their own roots) have propelled Trump to the top of popularity polls, the overall response of Germany has been absolutely fantastic.

They’ve tried this before in the early 90’s but that time the radical Right crushed the Left and it all culminated in the ugly scenes of White zealots surrounding a refugee building and burning it down. This time even though their presence has been noted the whole mood seems completely different and the Economist summed it up succulently recently - “In Germany, the politics of dignity trump the politics of fear and hate

Well played Chancellor, well played.

So you could work from anywhere but are going to Europe because it is more conducive to your work? Are you working “normal” hours, or are you primarily on holiday and mixing in some work here and there?

Is that still the case. Thought I heard this morning that the Germans have setup checkpoint for trains now to cut off the flow. Also, the situation in Hungary has people looking to Croatia instead and many of their likely routes are littered with live mine fields.

Wait so there are live minefields on the Croatian border? Like legacy minefields from previous war, or actual anti immigrant mines?

Not conductive, legal. Some companies do not have the ability to operate within the US. I’m looking at living on the mediterranean. Everyday is a holiday right>>> Just doing some research now - it wont be for a minute.

Take your pills Zach.

Legacy minefields, but the government has no intention of removing them anytime soon. They’re clearly marked though according to Croatia’s PM and if people walk on the roads and not in the woods they should be fine.

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If you need to be in Europe to do your business, then you’re working and need a proper visa. Where are you paying taxes on your income? That’s one hint of where you are actually earning your cash. And if you’re resident in Europe the whole year, I’m guessing you’ll be paying those punitive European socialist tax rates. Your whole arrangement sounds sketchy. If you don’t want to be deported or arrested for tax evasion, you might want to talk to a pro about this.