Ev vs mv

What are the differences between market value and enterprise value?

Enterprise value takes out cash and investments. MV does not.

What about minority interest? It’s included in EV, but not in MV. Correct?

heres how i’ve known: EV = common equity + debt + preferred equity + minority interest - cash - investment in associates. MV = price * float.

EV = MV of equity + debt - cash

It might help you to remember that market value refers to the market value of equity whereas enterprise value is how much you would have to pay in order to gain complete control of the company

MV is not just the MV of Equity, it is the Market value of all capital. MV (in the sense of Market Value Added in Equity Topic)= MV equity + MV LTD (in this case, MV equity will implicity include minority interest since it is integrated into equity, and retained earnings as well). EV = MV equity + MV LTD - cash - investments whenever you say MV equity, you include common stock, prefs, minority interest, retained earnings, etc. When you say MV of common stock, your only pinpointing one. You must make a distinction between MV equity and MV of common stock, they are not the same thing!

MV of equity is usually market capitalization which is market share price times total diluted shares outstanding, NOT float.

MVA = MV debt + MV equity - invested capital (Total Assets ) EV = MV cs + MV ps + MV debt + MV min interest - (cash and cash inv)