Even if we aint got money! Retirement video from PBS 2013

i remember wathcing this a long time ago. some of these ppl remind me of my parents. back then i remember i made my mom cry because i kept telling her that she dont got enough to retire that she needed to fix her spending and save and invest. her nw was like 50k at 48. she said something like i felt like i was a loser because of my constant nagging to put stuff for retirement. fast forward 10 years. she has over 1m.
i low key felt bad. but when i showed them this. they felt good and thanked me for showing them the way.
sometimes i wonder if its better to improve people’s lives with tough words or to just do nothing and watch them stay poor.

I am so thankful my parents put money into retirement savings. That, plus my dad’s DB pension and CPP/OAS (:canada:) meant they didn’t have to worry about paying for old age!! :+1: