Ever actually get a return calc right?

Wanna get a feel for this. Please reply if you have ever correctly gotten a return calc for any of the lengthy return calc questions. For example, the wealthy Malaysian woman from one of the old CFAI tests. Honesty only! -Lurker

Once, but now I owe my first born to some freak wearing a cape.

One of the Schweser Volume 1 I nailed it bang on. Other than that, I haven’t come close and got thoroughly schooled on some of them.

Not once…let me tell you why b/c I can’t count. I get fu*king confused by “1st year in retirement, 2nd year in retirement, by the time he retire, at end of his first retirement year” I can’t count!!!

absolutely… …it just didn’t happen to agree with the answer provided…

I got the 2006 one correct with Serra. That’s it though. CFAI messed the 2005 one up badly. They included the tuition which had a 6% inflation rate and the annual gift to charity which was not indexed to inflation both at the standard inflation rate. WTF was that about? I am not looking for charity on 2008, but have one that at least makes sense. I am a private wealth PM (actually a senior PM) and I cannot get the same results they do. They do some stuff that both doesn’t make sense and is not practiced in the real world.

I do. On the third try

I believe i will make it right on Saturday, for the first time, ever, and last time ever, ever…

I have got it right on one institutional IPS from one of the sample exams in 2005-07. And that was for 3 points. On the other ones that were for 9-12 points, I am very consistent…consistently wrong.