Ever forget your calculator? What did you do?

Did you ever forget your calculator for a CFA exam, but only realise when you were at the exam door? What did you do? Wing it? Try and go back home? Beg someone for their second calculator?

Bring cash with you to the exam center. Someone will sell you their spare for the right price.

I brought two calculators to my lvl1 exam. Was asked by a young lady if she could use my back-up since she had forgotten hers. I said no and felt like shit.

If they’re smart, they’ll only lease it to him . . . for the exam day.

After the exam, you may not find the leaser again! Better take their DL license as collateral and don’t forget to take a haircut too.

There . . . that’s better.

You should probably lay down and rot boyo. There’s three things you have to take with you - pencil, calculator, passport/exam-ticket (I bundled the last two). You probably aren’t ready for the exam (much less to manage client dollars) if you can’t remember that one significant thing.

If you’re hardcore enough, you don’t need no calculator.

There . . . that’s better.

I used all 21 digits god gave me, like a real man.

I left the house pretty early those days… probably could have went home and back multiple times and still made it in time for the start.

Panic would cause more harm than not having a calc. Calm down, attempt the paper, call for a calc in the break.

I guess you still could pass by not having a calc for the first session.

Most of the questions, you could easily eliminate one option without having to do the calculation.

its an internet meme…

exactly. how do we account for that on the balance sheet again? (thinking)