Every battle is won, before it is even fought

By now, most of our outcomes on June 2nd are already determined. Agree?

To most of us, the last 8 days will not make a material difference. but to others, it will.

Do you think you won already?

for those of you who thinks you already won,

take a break and have a laugh at this. I saw the same guy last year around this time. He is actually funny now.


^ with 9 days left, at 12 hours a day, 108 hours which is about 1/3 the recommended, the last 9 days can make a difference for many of us.

^ true enough :slight_smile:

how you holding under seige Bilal

^ great…um not able to focus …dun knw y

come on dude, 9 days, you should be able to pull yourself together for 9 days and do nothing but CFA

then you would have your life back, it is either that or give CFA another year of your life.

Think of it as a 9 day boot camp, your in it and these is no way out

I would have to disagree, you can learn a lot in 8 days

I dont disagree. But right now I feel I am on edge and the next few days would decide.

the next few days will be crucial for me, in fact I believe the last week of level II prep is what got me over the hump

learning is a moot point at this stage

i am just trying to shove SS3 and GIPS into tha back of my brain in hopes I can pull it back out in 8 days

the fact that we have to memorize GIPS is a joke - that isnt learning, that is BS

Every battle is won before it is even fought - this is true.

But the battle hasn’t begun yet. Last few days beforehand are absolutely crucial.


bombed schweser mock last two years went in with 0 confidence and passed. I get exponentially better the last two weeks as I do more questions and review mocks. Keeps it all fresh

+1 these last days can make it or break it for me. just started looking at practice exams yesterday.

For me, whether I can pass is determined. Whether I will fail is undetermined.

If you’ll read my posts on previous thread I’d taken first mock on 15th or 16th. I’d scored in low 50s. Was disappointed and had mostly given up. Review again like hell. I did schweser volume 1 test -3 today by skipping test 2. I scored 76 am and 75 pm. Have some hope now. Battle can only be won after it has taken place.

Today was my last practice exam, slowing down with studying till exam time-June 3rd, to cool my head a little.