Everyone take a chill pill until Tuesday!!

wow. looks like I missed all the fun today! Once again, until I can see a full results page, official, I’m not looking at anything on CFAI. There’s just no point. I don’t want to beat my hopes up with something unofficial, or get all excited about something that’s not real and no doubt end up telling friends, family etc. about some dumb link being gone. I could end up with ALOT of crow on my face that way if this all a witch hunt, which I think it is. I have put a yr and half, straight more or less, of my life into this CFA crap and give my chances probably 30% of passing, but I won’t give it the 37 more hrs or so this registration check would entail. Everyone just chill out, watch the Olympic Triathlons, have a beer (or a joint, if that’s your style), talk to your wife or mother, anything but speculate on this crap. Life is too short for this. Hope everyone does well TUESDAY MORNING! Peace