Everything You Need To Know About Facebook's IPO

This week Facebook is expected to file an S-1 for their initial public offering. Here some interesting stats about this soon to be historic IPO.

Are you a buyer of Facebook in the IPO?

Wow, thanks!

I’ll be watching this from the sidelines. I don’t dislike it as much as Groupon and Linkedin, but I’m not buying into the euphoria either. If it’s still trading above its IPO price in 30 days, then I’ll take a look.

I like facebook. I might buy it like 15 years from now when it’s no longer cool.

i go on Facebook to check out all the hot babes that I once came upon…they usually have juicy pics…is that wrong? it feels unethical…

I can’t wait to get my hands on their numbers! Does anyone have access to any reports on the company?

you’re not buying chad…

Never say never - I’m gonna look into it for sure though. What are your thoughts?

Sheryl Sandberg is hot and classy.

no she is not Palantir…she looks intelligent though…but hot and classy, no way…those are reserved for babes in pumps and pantyhose…