Ex-Post Return?

What exactly is the “Ex-Post” return? It’s referenced in the Schweser material but I couldn’t find it in the CFAI book. I know that according to Schweser The Ex-Post return is equal to the foreign IR plus the Nominal Currency Apprecation. But what exactly is the “Ex-Post return”? Thanks.

I see ex post return as actual return, i.e. realised return.

ex post return is definitely present in the cfai text in the chapter on “Return Concepts” in the Equity book.

I didn’t get to that book yet… Schweser goes out of order so I just followed along and jumped straight to the PM book. I’ll have to look it up in that book. Thanks.

HydrogenRainbow: You were right on. Just found a segment on the Schweser Video about ex-post returns that states “Ex-Post Returns = realized returns given interest rate/price evolution”

ex ante = expected / forecasted ex post = actual / realized