exact YTM

Hello guys and gals!

Who can advice me how to calculate YTM on BA II plus considering real dates.

For example,

  • coupon 8.5%

  • today - June 16, 2016

  • maturity on May 11, 2018

  • clean price right now is 96.6128

  • coupon payment dates

November 11, 2016

May 11, 2017

November 11, 2016

May 11, 2018

So how I can calculate YTM on BA II plus, I need exact results.

I assume you would want to use a dirty price and be very specific with your N number

So how to do it? Any suggestion?

Or should I use other calculators in the internet? Can anybody help me?

Download the manual and check page 51.


Calculate the accrued interest on the bond, add it onto the price. Calculate the remaining periods but be very specific and go into decimal places to be more precise. I didnt check the guide posted but i assume thats what it says.

You can do it fairly easily in Excel using the YIELD function.

Apparently BA II Plus has two options - annual or semiannual coupons. So you enter into BOND mode, choose semiannual option, specify the contract initiation date and the bond maturity date ( as proper dates) and it calculates whole coupons as well as the first fractional coupon. Quite neat, except it becomes obsolete when you have quarterly or any other periodicity. Excel all the way.