Exactly 30days to go..

The anxiety builds and our engine revs up in anticipation of the D day. Its been hard but we really have no choice or do we? Anyway my question is this, at what stage should we realistically be 30days from the exam? I know we all have diffrt regimes but on the whole what should be the best strategy going forward?

30 days could be deceptive. It is 4weeks and depending on your employment and family status, it could be less. So we are talking days!! …Not intended to set off “panic” but a reality check and a wake up call.

I plan on finishing up book 6 of the CFAI curriculum this week and take Schweser book6 test 1 morning session this weekend. I will take my time with it, no time limit. Then review what I got wrong, if any…just kidding. Nov. 10th take another test, timed for the 3 hours, review my weaknesses throughout the week and repeat for November. The week before the test I will take a try at a six hour exam, just like the real thing. It is an endurance event and staying sharp for that long doesn’t come without training the distance.

Wow that it trek7000? I have been taking 1 full practice test every weekend for the past 3 weeks. So far I havent gone 6 hours in one day. 3 hour sat and 3 hour sun. This weekend I plan on doin a practice like the real deal. All in all, I will have done 6 full length test + 3-4 CFAI samples + approx 4000 Qbank questions by D Day

Wow, you go. I didn’t include any QBank’s, those I just complete during the slow times at work so I don’t count them. You got me thinking though, maybe I should pick up a few more exams, I will definitely buy 3-4 CFAI samples, those are the real status maker of where you stand.

Just finished schweser book 5 last night. Will begin taking practice tests starting maybe tomorrow. I’m not too worried. If I am fairly in-line with most people here than I know I am definitly in line with most general test takers (I find a few people here to be more of the anxious type). Its still 30 days away and I am having trouble understanding why some are so worried. As long as your prepared, its ok to have the jitters perhaps the night before the exam…but otherwise, enjoy a beer and relax. Remember, the majority of you are more than prepared…Just stick to your game plan.

Good luck everyone. Don’t give up, whatever you’re doing. Practice and know material. I wish everyone the best.

i took monday, tuesday & today off. i spent these days going over the quant part. i will be taking the last two weeks prior the exam off.

I’m finishing schweser book 4 tonight, book 5 should be covered by Nov 9th. Then, I’m taking the 3 weeks off right before the exam, so i’m going full throttle on practice exams and schweserpro Qbank which i intend to buy (online version). I will not be doing a “classical” revision ( that is, i won’t be re-reading), instead i would go back and read the LOS corresponding to the questions that give me trouble…as for the last week, i will give myself extra hours in the morning to go over the ethics part so that the concepts and examples stay fresh in my memory. I’m really counting on the practice part (final 3 weeks), cause i am (and i guess a lot of people feel the same) under the impression that i forgot everything i learnt! :), However, i am confident that once i practice and go back to the LOS when needed, I will be much better prepared. As i said on another thread, we can do miracles in 1 month! Good luck everyone, and don’t give up! All the best to all of you!

i feel the same iblees82. i tend to forget evrything i read. to avoid surprises with FSA, i will be reviewing it just 4 days prior to the exam as it is a huge portion of the test.

Take it from a(n) LIII candidate. Take as many practice tests and do as many questions as you can. Focus first on questions directly from the assigned readings, and not Schweser/Stalla. Get a stack of flash cards. For every question you get wrong, make a flash card. When you get to 30 or 40 flash cards, stop doing questions, go sit in an easy chair, and go over and over the cards until you know it all. Then repeat the process. Also, in terms of practice exams, do as many of the CFAI ones you can, regardless of cost. In both level 1 and level 2, I found that there was a LOT of crossover. If you have read the material and understand it, and also constantly carry and memorize stats and FSA formula flash cards, and also devote 50-100 hours to the flash card-exam strategy, you will pass. I did.

gooman, great post. just curious what kind of results you got on practice exams (both schweser and CFA type) and how they tracked up, down or sideways over the course of your studying…and finally, how did they (the last practice exams you took) compare to your actual results on I and II. thanks.

Those who scored >70% on Book 6, BSAS or CFAI exams all passed with flying colours. Didn’t even come close to failing. That’s the safe side, you won’t have to worry much if you’re up the 70% for any of these exams.