Exam Anxiety

| How do you deal with anxiety before your exam? |



I poop and study hard.



Hate to say it, but if you have exam anxiety, there’s a good chance you will have presentation anxiety later on in your professional career. Take it easy.

SOME anxiety is good, it’s almost like an adrenaline.

I usually have taken so many mock exams and when the day comes it’s just another pile of paper in front of me like homework, and i just do the questions on auto-pilot.

Also, try to have se*x during the months before the exam…not a lot, just like once or twice per month…you need motivation but relaxation too…DO NOT HAVE S*EX THE LAST WEEK BEFORE THE EXAM AND DO NOT FAP EITHER…pervert.

Or do what a boxer does and don’t have sex 6 weeks before the event.

I was always arrogant, I felt the other candidates should be anxious and nervous of the effect my test will have on the overall score required to pass.

no fap for the week before the exam? but what would you do in your 10 minute power breaks?