Exam centres

I’m in London - 10,500 people expected in our venue and 14,000 in Beijing - that’s major! :wink:

How did you know the numbers?

I am surprised they are not putting in place a metal detector or sth in London… Lot of people yes, but still…

Only bomb sniffing dogs…

its in information about your exam centre on CFA site. I remember queuing for 20mins last year to take a leak before the exam!

You guys don’t have bushes in your city… :wink:

you’ve literally made thee 2 most useless posts I’ve seen this entire year on this forum in the last 10+ minutes. I know this/my post is less useless because I’ve actually given some data to back up my findings.

I’m in Toronto, ~8000 people expected, and I’m glad I’m not the only one with these kind of thoughts in the back of my mind. I certainly hope security is beefed up this year…

tip for excel… when you leave take the dlr in the wrong direction. then switch platforms for the empty train :slight_smile:

80 people expected in my center and I know a half of them.

Hey i’m slow to this, can you help me navigate to where “Information about your exam center is”.

I’ve tried, I failed, not off to a good start!

login in, then on your personalised page you will see “special instructions?” heading beneath the topic tests and mock exam link

“If your test center is not listed below, there are no special instructions for your test center.”

Ahhh thats why I couldn’t see anything. Cheers and good luck!

Actually i am very concerned these days for test takers, it’s a high concentration of relatively high educated young people in a room that appears to be an easy target…