exam checking

do the proctors check all the candidates.for all the things like passport info,approved calci etc or just random… also is it a must to reach till 8 or can i reach there till 8.30?

They will check all of you and you can reach at 8.30 but it might be risky.

Reach on time with all the neccesary documents.

  1. they do not even allow you through the gate unless you have exam ticket.

  2. Outside every exam room 2 proctors are seated.They check your name and compare it with whats printed on your passport and the passport expiry date.then they check if you have the approved calculator. they have images of approved models.

  3. they ask you you take off covers on calculators, erasers, sharpeners. anything expressly prohibited by CFAI is not allowed. before you do this, you have keep all the non allowable stuff in a separate room. they do not frisk you,

  4. then they allot you a seat no.

  5. they read all those rules before start of exam including a warning that the room is being monitored for electronic devices which i think they do not. they ask you to surrender your mobile(Last chance)

Steps 1 to 5 are repeated for the afternoon session except that for point 4 your attendance for afternoon session is marked,. your seat no remains same,

They DO NOT allow you inside if you are late. NO EXCEPTIONS. you may ,cry ,beg shout. nothing works. you will only be allowed inside after the exam starts.

So i suggest reach by 8. I have always reached between 7.30 and 7.45. it maybe a bit too early but there is too much at stake for me.