Exam day again

In few days exam day will be there. My 4th attempt, last time I got Band 9 which was a good improvement over previous attempts (Band 3 and 5 respectively). I had felt so drained in preparation, just wanted it to over; it has taken a lot of toll on me, course is so wide; but I come back again to test my self as I thought this will be my best chance.

While attempting online questions on CFA portal, accuracy is 61% on average. In these two days I will attempt to revise papers, wieghtage of which is 5-10%.

Hoping for the best now!

God’s speed my friend!

You should know by now why you are scoring 61% in TTs, your score should have improved by time, go over to the wrong answers and learn why you did them wrong, reset this section and redo them allover again until your score improves , yes this score means nothing but it should help you identify your weakness points.

With two days left, if it’s going to happen it will happen. Good luck!