Exam Day Checklist

Sharing my exam day checklist.

1.Pray 3 times.one for each exam and MPS.

  1. Exam Admission Ticket .3 copies.

  2. Valid International passport.

4.Calculator with fresh batteries,tested post new batteries, set decimal places and memory cleared.carry spare battery.

5.Pens -4

  1. Pencils -5


  1. Sharpener.

  2. Watch with fresh batteries since i do not use watch regularly. didn’t carry for level II.wished i had.

  3. meds for headache

  4. water


13.Pray again this time to the Sun God Ra.

Did I miss anything? I like to keep as many things things packed and ready a week before.

Practice exams from tomorrow. so wanted to get this done and put away safely where my 4 yrs old princess can’t find it. She is fascinated by the calculator especially.

Ear plugs (Wore them for the first time last year and it helped. They eliminate a lot of the annoying background noise: chairs moving from across the room, coughing, etc…)

Jacket (Our testing center is always freezing)

Don’t forget not taking it to psycho-level seriousness…

But seriously though, don’t be one of those guys. Good luck, regardless.

My centre has been quiet,.Its the same centre every year. Yes I am serious not psycho levels though.Giving it my best effort. willmake the best of what I have studied.Not as prepared as I would like to be though. 10 day to go. mocks AM and PM.review mistakes. repeat.Thats all i will be doing till exam day.

2 pens, 2 pencils, your calculator, ticket and passport. The rest is overkill.


nudie mags

  1. Empty bladder. I passed L3 in 2008, but I still remember having to cross my legs for half of the morning session. I had to pee so bad but there wasn’t a second to spare.

SCREWDRIVER - to replace batteries if you have a TI calc.

Second calc if you are paranoid. Don’t worry if you can’t get one before the exam. I didn’t have to use my spare.

^go to staples and office depot then return after the exam