Exam Day - General Query

Hi everyone, Some questions that may be no brainers (checked CFA site but no joy) here goes: Two sessions am and pm - that’s clear but do you do half of the sections in the morning and the other half in the pm? For example do you do ethics, quants, econ, FRA and then Fi,EQT,derv,Alt,Corp. & Port. or 50 per cent of everything in both the am and pm? Can you bring in a triangle ruler (trival perhaps but would like to know) Do they make you write down the time you and then sign when you need to go to the bathroom (my university did this) or maybe you have to hold it for the three hours? Thanks All

you have all the sessions tested in BOTH the exams - AM and PM exams I dont remember even taking a ruler…ck it out whether it is allowed No clue about bathroom policies

Thanks sumz, well there goes my canny plan of cramming in the second half of the course in the hour break. lol I guess bring the ruler and if they want you to leave it outside then no worries.

you go to bathroom on your own time. But CFA is not a speed testing exam - so a 2 min break wont hurt u much. I have on an generally finished (i am a CFA level 3 candidate) the exams in 2.5 hours max.

you go to bathroom on your own time. But CFA is not a speed testing exam - so a 2 min break wont hurt u much. I have generally finished (i am a CFA level 3 candidate) the exams in 2.5 hours max.

that’s good to know as I always had problems finishing exams on time, thank you for the input gautamsarin

I gotta know, whats the ruler for?

jut111 - Ruling of course nah just habit when econ is part of the test. Done a lot of econ exams in the past

  1. I had five minutes to spare when I took the Level I two years ago. Plan it as if you don’t have time to leave during the exam. 2. You can’t bring the ruler, just a couple of pencils, an eraser (which you won’t need), your calculator (HP12 or the other one), you ID/passport, glasses if you need them, and wallet. Put it in your pockets, no bags are allowed. 3. Bring a plastic bag with your lunch sandwiches and something to drink (but note rule #1) 4. Wear comfortable clothes, in layers, so you will not be too hot or too cold, depending on the exam room.

What about the ‘leather’ case for our BAII Plus Professional - are we allowed to bring that in? I’d hate to scratch my calculator during the the exam…

no mechanical pencils? really?

Calculator cases are allowed, as is the little calculator short-cuts card that comes with the TI. They will inspect the case, but that’s it. Mechanical pencils are also allowed. I was told you could not bring a clear bag or pouch to carry your belongings. But at the L.A. test center, they were fine with those things so long as they were stored under your desk. Generally speaking, they’re pretty reasonable about “non-approved” items provided they’re not within reach. But god forbid that you bring a cellphone inside, turned on or off. They will confiscate ASAP.

there will be an area to deposit belongings like phones and wallets.

And wear layers. I know the test will be in June, summer in the northern hemisphere, but these exam sites are frequently big meeting halls with the air conditioning cranked up. Sneakers, jeans, and a sweatshirt will save you from shivering for six hours.

> They will inspect the case, but that’s it. I’ve seen people try to argue their way inside carrying the wrong type of calculator, thinking it was “almost the same”. They may let you in, but without the calculator. If you have the right one, you can bring the case. I’m not sure you can bring a case for your reading glasses though, should you need such, but expect that would be reasonable. It might be difficult to juggle all those pencils, calculators, glasses, wallet etc which is why you might need big pockets. > Mechanical pencils are also allowed. Alternatively you could bring a “bouquet” of sharpened pencils, at least just in case. The mechancial ones can malfunction. You don’t want to spend time trying to “fix” a mechanical pencil that has jammed. With the sharpened ones you discard them one after another as they go blunt (from filling in those Scantron bubbles on the answer sheet). Get used to making your notes directly onto the booklet containing the questions, onto the same space where the questions are printed. There will be no scratch paper. > I was told you could not bring a clear bag or > pouch to carry your belongings. But at the L.A. … When I took Level I people were asked to leave their stuff (bags, cellphones, food … ) in an ajoining room. I’m not sure the place was guarded at all. It was not exactly well ordered, all the bags and stuff were in one big heap on the floor, people came and went I suppose. I guess that if you really, really need to bring a cellphone (for some unknown reason) you could bring a really, really old one and put the SIM card in your wallet, that would be a way you could risk leaving the phone outside, with your brown bag lunch, and still expect to see it again… I haven’t tried it myself.

I brought both mechanical pencils and regular pencils with extra lead, a sharpener and an eraser. I also brought two identical calculators. It was overkill to the max, but hey, I didn’t want to trip over the finish line. I read of other folks who simply forgot to bring a calculator. That was just plain stupid.

One little advice friends. Read the back side of you exam ticket very carefully and do not enter the exam hall with any thing not explicitly mentioned on it. I know atleast four cases where a small six inch ruler resulted in a CFA institute inquiry. Yes they won’t cancel your registration but why take a chance.

Advice: Drop your pencils the second you hear the proctor call out that the time is up. If you try to fill in more scantron bubblew, your test will be confiscated, and one additional random bubble is not worth it. (I’ve seen this happen to someone.)

or just get out of there in 90 minutes and go grab a beer.