Exam day question

I will write the exam on August, what I must bring to the exam?
I also would like to know I`m gonna do the exam on afternoon session, there is a pause between both sections? how much time is the break?
Also what subjects are on first section and what subjects on second section?
Also can I bring 2 HP12c?

wishing you luck :+1:
you can take your passport ,prometric confirmation mail printout( optional) any CFA approved calculator.
things like paper for rough work , pen , water bottle will be provided by them .
A good security for your belongings is provided.
exam is divided into two session and there is a break of 30 minutes between both exams.
first exam subjects ethics, quants,economics,FRA.
Second exam subjects are corporate governance, equity,fixed income, derivative,portfolio management, alternative management…
i hope this help futher i suggest to plz visit cfa website for better clearity.

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Are you kidding?

There’s a website you can check out that has all the information you need.


But seriously. Minimum 25 pencils. 5 erasers. 3 calculators. 1 change of underwear. 2 pairs socks. They encourage snacking during the exam, so feel free to bring plenty of snacks. OH- and this is important, don’t forget to bring a big plastic bag to carry all of your stuff into the test room.

And remember, you’re allowed to bring 1 formula sheet with writings on one side only but it must be written in red ink ONLY so that it’s visible to proctors to make sure you’re not cheating :slight_smile:

Here is the official calculator policy:

You also must bring your passport with the name matching your exam ticket.

You can bring a lunch/snack in a backpack. It will need to be stored in a locker at the test center. They will give you a locker key. You can’t bring any food or drink past the lobby with the lockers.

Full exam day and other details are here: