Exam day timing

My sister-in-law’s wedding is on the same day as my exam. The exam finishes at 5pm, at which point I’ll need to catch a flight down to Melbourne. I’m looking at booking tickets now. Can people let me know of their experience of how long it takes from pencils down (i.e 5pm) to actually getting out of there. Just not sure how much time to factor for having examed picked up, the shuffle out of the exam hall, and then the queues waiting to get my bag. Is it all fairly speedy or is it one big mess? I was thinking 1/2 hour would be safe, is this about right?

1/2 hr is probably safe if you’re walking out and taking public transportation. If driving, get ready for a traffic jam in the parking lot.

I was. In the same situation last year. Went to the exam partially dressed in my tuxedo. Pencils down at five out of the testing center 20 minutes later.

Rushed like hell to the country cub to find the groom and the rest of the ushers getting hammered in the back room. Chugged a few beers, went out and watched my buddy get married. Slept with his wife’s cousin, a freshman at Baylor. Failed the exam.

Meh. You win some, you lose some. haha

even public transit can be risky, depending on the size of the exam center.

If there’s a thousand people trying to jump on a bus, there will be a wait

^ yeah, i think this can vary greatly by testing center, specifically the amount of people sitting for the exam. Each exam booklet must be collected before anyone can get up and leave. On the other hand, if you feel like you have a good grasp of the material, you can leave early provided you finish with 30 mins left. Probably shouldn’t count on this though.

Just bail with 31 minutes left and beat the traffic. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to sleep with Tikka’s buddy’s wife’s cousin. I hear she’s quite the HCB.

She tried to facebook me after. You can tell she’s jailbait when she tries to facebook a one night stand.

I bet you can finish the test in 2.5 hours. If not, 30 minutes after the exam seems ok. I don’t recall taking longer than that to leave any CFA exams. (experience probably varies though)