Good day every one…exam is almost here. First timer!

The least of my troubles should be that I am all prepared for the exam only to forget something!!!

What do I need to walk withon exam day for level1? backpacks allowed?

For QM - are the t, z, F distribution tables provided? or do i need to remeber them?

No tables are provided. Generally backpacks are left in a seperate room. Check the CFA website for official rules.

I have a few questions

  • do all levels write the exams in the same room ? or it is segregated ?

  • exam starts at 9 and i’m supposed to be there at 8 - can i eat shortly before 9 and go to bathroom ? or from 8 i’ll have to sit and listen to instructions ?

This video adresses some of your questions.


unfortunately i have no sound here

Is water bottles allowed inside the exam room?

short answer is no. they will have lots of water jugs prepared nearby the exam desks

And are Chewing gums allowed? I want to have my nicotine gums with me!


Thank you!

by the way…will our names be printed on the test answer sheet? since no pens are allowed for LV1/ ?

No, they’re scantron sheets. You fill in the bubbles.

Regarding skecting papers. Will we be provided with this or can we only make sketches in the exam question papers?

There are no sketching papers

so how do they know which acswer shhet is who’s?

Could you go to the toilet after register and before start the exam? XD At 8.30 to be fully empty

So, there is no sketching papers and we cannot bring or own. So we can only do sketches in the booklet?

yes but there’s plenty of white space in the exam book

Question: is our candidate details already on the exam answer sheet or do we have to fill it in?

They give you an exam sheet (bubble sheet like in Schweser’s mocks) and a booklet (the questions). You have to write your name on both when they tell you to do so.

You can go to the bathroom at anytime. Just raise your hand