exam defer

Hi guys,

I was preparing CFA l1 for June 2015 at kathmandu center. However, because of massive earthquake on 25th April my prep is affected. My home have few crack and i am forced to stay another place. Lot of my nearones are affected. Therefore I want to deferred my exam to Dec session. What shall I do to deferred? Does my request get approved on basis of earthquake as I may not able to produce any paper relating to my current situation.

Plz advise

E-mail or phone CFA Institute and ask them.

They’re your best source.

I know that CFA institute can even refund when very serious problems affected candidates. Exam deferment costs USD 100 (not much I think compared to lose the whole exam payment) and you just submmit the request. I think you are in time yet so it will probably be accepted.

Good Luck and sorry for that!


Thanks guys foy your suggestion.