Exam deferred, feeling the blues - help

Just in need of some serious - or fun - advice on how to get over the deferral psychologically. How are you coping? Thanks peeps.

I was lucky to pass the 2019 L3 exam. Not sure how to give good advise besides than saying that the reward of passing is great. You will never forget the moment you receive the mail which starts with “congratulations” .


Hey, just got off that emotional rollercoaster and reschedule for the May exam today. I was pretty close to refunding mainly because I wanted certainty the exam would go ahead given the effort required to prepare. I also have so much more other stuff I’m really keen to be getting on with.

While I get where you’re at, I’ll share the factors that have pushed me forward.
By taking the May exam you now have a bit of an edge because I suspect you were probably just about ready to pass the exam in a couple weeks. You won’t have the advantage of being so well prepared if you delay sitting for a year+.
I’ve a good friend who didn’t pass level II first time and he put off studying for a year, about 4 years ago now.
Studying from now (maybe Jan) till May can be easy given how much you now know. What really annoyed me was all the early mornings and late nights that took grit going to waste. Looking ahead to May, with consistency we can cruise with the hours rather than pushing hard to hit a high weekly targeted # hours.
Lastly, the pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon so it’s not like we can go travelling or to the pub right now, might as well study CFA material rather than a couple Netflix seasons.
It’s all about the badge so you’re going to have to get on with studying anyway, might as well be sooner rather than later. Take a few weeks off then think about a game plan and then just get on with it.

Hey Taz, thanks for sharing these thoughts.

They have just cancelled my venue…10 days before the exam. How do you believe that in May they will take the exam?

Brutal… I live in Scotland and the education minister has confirmed that school Higher exans are going ahead in May 21 so I don’t see why a computer based test centre wouldn’t. Exam sizes are significantly smaller.

Hope so…here in São Paulo life is almost normal…only few restrictions, not comparable to Europe…other public exams are still in place…no brain…

Wow… Sorry to hear that, massively frustrating I’m sure. Give yourself a good few days to cool off and ponder next steps…

…some beers tonight will help…

100% Enjoy

I´m from São Paulo as well.

It´s gone. Let´s think that everything we studied so far will be worth it in May - That´s the good side of the coin.

Now I will take a 2-3 month break from all this stuff. Haha

We only need to hope that the exam will be in fact held in May. To my understanding all exams after May 2021 will be based on updated curriculum regardless of whether you could or could not have taken the exam.

Now that would have sucked big time.

I cant believe yet… I’m from Rio de Janerio/Brazil. I got this news from CFAi and cant belive…